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A Strange Land Issue 3

Image of A Strange Land Issue 3


There's a lot of talk around the water cooler about zines these days and just about anything that isn't bound in book board gets called a zine, but folks, I'm here to tell you, A Strange Land is a classic zine, photo or otherwise. Made anonymously with the love of images being the editorial engine ("...this one is neat, this one is funny, these two are interesting next to each other..."), A Strange Land offers a look at contemporary photography away from the ego of Instagram, the pretense of capital A Art, and the dogma of scholarship. In short, it's fun. And the price of admission is only $5. Also in true zine form, handfuls are made on the office copier when they can and won't be around forever. Hop this freight train while you can.

Made by a current VSW grad student who seems to want to remain anonymous as the only info is a gmail address to send submissions to.

Issue 3, June 2016, self published, 24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, color photocopy, stapled