Bookbinding For Photographers - Scott McCarney


Summer Institute Workshop:
Bookbinding For Photographers with Scott McCarney

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May 29 - June 2, 2017
M-F 9:30am - 5:30pm

The desire to make books with photographic content is as old as photography itself. The accessibility of digital printing, from the inkjet in your studio to the Indigo of online publishers, is fulfilling this desire for contemporary photographers. But how to make a unique product tailored to the physical and conceptual needs of your images?

This workshop employs the basic tools and techniques of hand bookbinding to answer that question. We will make a series of unique book structures that accommodate single sheets, folded folios and gathered sections, while exploring the materials of traditional book making. Strategies for repurposing pre-bound print-on-demand projects will be introduced. We will also construct a two-tray drop-spine Solander style box which can be used for storing prints, protecting a fine binding or packaging samples made in the workshop.

The class will focus primarily on physical considerations of the book, but participants are welcome to bring work in progress or ideas for books. Some time will be devoted to discussing how binding structures and layout strategies literally as well as figuratively support image display.

Scott McCarney has been making books as works of art for over thirty years. His bookworks explore many media, from offset and digital printing to sculptural objects and installation. He lectures, teaches and exhibits internationally and is currently an adjunct faculty member at Rochester Institute of Technology. Scott McCarney Visual Books

$550, $525 VSW, RoCo, and Light Work Members

Workshops can be taken for 3 undergraduate credit hours or 2 Graduate credit hours. Register through the College at Brockport for credit: or call 585 395-2900.

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