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FAKE ART! - Chris Maddox

Image of FAKE ART! - Chris Maddox


From the artist: "The texts presented80 in staggered, narrative poetic form within are not redacted. Each such spread presents a single transcribed response in its entirety as spoken by President Donald Trump. Typographic formatting has been altered to deliver a palpable facsimile of the conversation. Interviewer language has been compressed to obscurity."

FAKE ART! is a novel assemblage of found text that calls upon concrete poetry, infographics, and typographic play to interrogate the narcissism, hypocrisy, and theatricality of our President. Through his evocation of Walter Benjamin in an introductory note, Maddox's work becomes a treatise on the artist's role in ascribing meaning within a society, a task which Maddox asserts against the ironic and inane rhetoric from which he culls his content. Edition of 300 with a serigraph cover by the artist.

2017, , 6 x 9 inches, 80 pages, perfect bound, screen-printed wrap cover, edition of 300, signed and numbered