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Guilty Pleasures - Jay Muhlin


"Guilty Pleasures locates our need to find solace and pursue happiness. Guilty not as a form of personal judgement but in terms of the narcissistic human need to seek personal comfort. Winter presents an unwelcoming world outside, pushing us towards a bleak confinement. We go inward in our lives, psyches and homes in order to console ourselves. This project was photographed in Syracuse NY during a nearly record-breaking winter of snow fall. Being inside can build a manic state with the snow accumulating outside. A hermetic wold of friends serves as a self portrait and a document of winter." -JM

Jay Muhlin overrides his photographic training and relies on "point and shoot" to make images, flash and all. Of the hundreds of photographs taken, 50 were edited down for Guilty Pleasures, with an initial edit by Christopher Gianunzio and final edit by Jay.

2015, self-published, 80 pages, 9.5" x 8", softcover, color