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Inverted Mountain - Trevor Clement


Inverted Mountain
Long-form zine and soundtrack CD

I get the sense that Inverted Mountain is its own photobook rebellion. Couched in a foreboding black box of spray-painted cardboard and wingnut enclosures, Syracuse native Trevor Clement's longform photozine project consists of nine individual pamphlets and an accompanying 12-track CD soundtrack. The images evoke the isolation and anonymity of the urban as the viewer is led by broken glass, bloodstains, profane wall-scrawlings, and peering statuettes through decayed and abandoned spaces, down looming hallways and darkened stairwells. The lo-fi grain of the images is extended to the texture of the zines themselves, whose covers are made rough to the touch by built-up splatter, perhaps a riff on the ornate marbling of Victorian books, cast here in a harsh relief. The overall work is as immersive and experiential as it is trenchant and dire.