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Sanctus Sonorensis - Phillip Zimmermann


"Sanctus Sonorensis, is a book of border ‘beatitudes’. This work comments on the complicated attitudes of Americans on illegal immigration from Mexico. The cover shows a photograph of the area of Southern Arizona which is the most active in terms of migration across the Sonoran desert, and where thousands have lost their lives in the deadly desert heat. The interior pages show the progression of a typical high-desert day from dawn to sunset, mimicking the sky above an immigrant during a day’s desert passage, and accompanied by a single line of text on each two-page spread." PZ

2009, Spaceheater Editions, 10.75 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches, 90 pages, self covering board book, four-color offset lithography, gilded page edges, printed and bound in Chine, edition of 1000, signed