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Sharkification - Cristina de Middel signed

Image of Sharkification - Cristina de Middel signed

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Setting up the favela's of Rio de Janeiro as a reef with its own ecostystem - the residents and police, the fish and sharks - de Middel suspends herself between photojournalism and surrealism.

From the publisher:

Sharkification is about the "favelas" and the Brazilian government's strategy to attempt to control them during the soccer World Cup by involving armed units. It created a militarisation of the communities, where suddenly everybody becomes a suspect. The shark metaphor aims to explain the dynamics into place. "I used the comparison with a submarine world to imagine that the favelas are a coral reef where there are predators…" When most of the photojournalists keep trying to play with feelings, Cristina de Middel uses humour, which seems to be a more intelligent way to look at things and that helps people becoming more curious.

2016, Editora Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil, 174 pages, 6¼x9 inches, color. Edition of 1500. Signed.

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