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Writing Arts & Cultural Criticism in the Digital Age with Michael J. Kramer

Image of Writing Arts & Cultural Criticism in the Digital Age with Michael J. Kramer


Writing Arts & Cultural Criticism in the Digital Age
Michael J. Kramer
July 13-17, 2020, Online only

Workshop cost is $600, $575 for VSW Members. Register before May 15 for a $50 Early-Bird discount.Interested in writing more effectively about the arts and culture in multiple modes, from traditional reviews to audio podcasting, videographic essays, social media approaches, multimedia formats, and other forms of critical engagement? In this workshop, we survey the history of arts and cultural criticism in America, with particular attention to diverse critical traditions and perspectives. Students will develop projects through collaborative workshops, ongoing dialogue, and videoconferences with established critics and editors for music, dance and theater, visual art, and film. Each student will leave the workshop with a webpage of experimental work that can serve as the start of a portfolio of new modes of arts and cultural criticism.

Bio: Michael J. Kramer works at the intersection of historical scholarship, cultural criticism, the arts, civic engagement, and digital technology. He is an Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Brockport and began his career as an arts and culture journalist and editor at the website of the New York Times. Kramer continues to publish criticism and has also served as a dramaturg and consultant to dance companies such as The Seldoms and editor in the Department of Design, Publishing, and New Media at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. You can view his work at and the blog Culture Rover,