Afterimage Vol. 42, No. 6

Afterimage Vol. 42, No. 6

Reports Artist Organisations International Conference • Society for Photographic Education National Conference • Prospect.3 New Orleans

Features & Essays Conversation with John Opera • An Informal Visual Economy and the Repair of the Colonial Archive

Reviews Sarah and Joseph Belknap • Aura Satz • Adam Magyar • Depth of Perception • Come As You Are: Art of the 1990s • Brian Weil • Peter Forgacs • Burn With Desire: Photography and Glamour • Anti-Glamour: Portraits of Women • Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon • For a Love of His People: The Photography of Horace Poolaw • Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power, and the Neoliberal Brain • The Factory: Photography and the Warhol Community • Billy Name: The Silver Age • Understanding a Photograph • Words Not Spent Today Buy Smaller Images • Tomorrow: Essays on the Present and Future of Photography

Portfolio Ingvild Melberg Eikeland