Afterimage Vol. 43 No. 5

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Afterimage Vol. 43 No. 5

Essays & Features Where Do the Myths Lie?: Considering the Imaginary in Jo Ractliffe's Landscapes of Conflict • The Cowboy Prince • Casting Spells: A Conversation with Peter Rock

Exhibition Reviews
Free Play in Ithaca, NY • Brian Ulrich in San Francisco • Isabel Rocamora in Toronto • Andrea Buttner at Walker Art Center • Diana Thater at Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Book Reviews
Michael Hampton's Unshelfmarked: Reconceiving the Artists' Book • Charlotte Cotton's Photography is Magic • Doug Aitken's Station to Station

And Everything Else, by HA! (Home Affairs: Arzu Ozkal, Claudia Costa Pederson, Nanette Yannuzi)