Linha Vermelha (Red Line) - Inês Bonduki

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Linha Vermelha (Red Line) - Inês Bonduki

Red Line

"When I arrived at Visual Studies Workshop (VSW) in March 2015 for a four-month artist residency, having completed a few drafts of Linha Vermelha (produced as part of my Master in Visual Arts degree at the University of São Paulo), my intent was to study sequencing of visual books both in VSW founder Nathan Lyons’s theoretical and practical work and through the development of my own practice. My periodic talks with current VSW Director Tate Shaw and other professors and students, participation in VSW’s community and events, and access to the incredible artists’ books archive of the Research Center decisively impacted the way the book has developed. In June 2015, I occupied the VSW Project Space with an exhibition of Linha Vermelha that included a performance with contact improvisation dancers from the University of Rochester. In February 2016, the book was self-published in São Paulo, in an edition of fifteen, and I now plan to produce a larger edition."

Bonduki mixes serendipitously shot photographs the claustrophobic Red Line of Sau Paulo's subway with intimate images of contact improvisation over accordion pages to convey the corporal experience of urban life. The book was sequenced during a Project Space residency at VSW in June 2015.

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Photos: Inês Bonduki
Text: Marcelo Segreto

2017, Editora Tempo d'Imagem, 6.5 x 6.5 inches, 88 pages, color, accordion

Conrado Wessel 2015 Award (3rd place)
Photo Award 2016