Pictures Come From Pictures - Carl Chiarenza signed

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Pictures Come From Pictures - Carl Chiarenza signed

Photographs by Carl Chiarenza
Introduction by N. Elizabeth Schlatter
Preface by Richard Waller

Carl Chiarenza, whose extraordinary career as a photographer, writer, and teacher now spans five decades, remains a name relatively unknown among the pantheon of American masters. His photographs, luminous, dark, coruscated with deep shadows, and alive with the play of light, are challenging and abstract, studies of blacks and whites in the ancient and honorable tradition of chiaroscuro. His intention is to push the photograph beyond the boundaries of the "real," to investigate the realms of imagination where space and surface intertwine and where the perception of "real" is transformed into a wholly visual event.

2008, David Godine in association with University of Richmond Museums, 128 pages, softcover
Signed on the title page